à la vie

“You’re very beautiful” Its not like Charu was being complimented for the first time. In fact, the same sentence had been slapped across so many tables on so many dates by so many other people. However, Yvonne didn’t look at her while she said that. Instead, she stirred the drink in her glass as the […]

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Our coffee mug broke last night

Our coffee mug broke last night. It was standing tall like a talisman through the years and it was not a good reminder. // Sometimes, I’d catch myself staring at that coffee mug in my empty apartment. I wanted an empty apartment. An empty apartment doesn’t commit and house other people. But then again, I […]

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Je T’aime

I will take a minute out of my rant to say that I love you, Florence, but I am not doing this for you, or us, or for the movement. I am doing this because I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

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Old Fashioned: A Review


Winter in Calcutta comes with a lot of festivities. Most end up being a repetitive sort of a yearly event, and of course, momentary. But, The Nautanki Company’s production, Old Fashioned makes you ponder.

Old Fashioned is very nicely scripted. We see, more or less, the same narrative style from writer-director Tejodipto Panda, who resorts to his familiar style of apparently incoherent coherence. A well spaced stage setting and good taste of prop placing, sets the mood early on. Old Fashioned is strictly not a script adhering to the characteristics of a problem play. At points it seems very Bildungsroman-esque, however it is not. Neither is it a love story. It is a vision about acceptability, which is still a myth in the so-deemed progressive Indian Society. At points the narrative seems to lack amalgamation and a little more material for a culmination is felt to be necessary. Yet, the…

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