Black or White

There’s a little problem in being a person who does not understand the concept of the middle ground or the grey area. The problem is, we don’t believe that such a zone exists in our lives or any sphere that is a part of it – job, human relationship, ambition, hobby, whatever you can think of.

So when we give, we give it our all and beyond which is not easy for most to handle. People chicken out of such high levels of love and commitment but people also suck on to such a person for guidance, advice and support – because it is made readily available to them by us. We have decided to give them our all and we won’t stop until we are presented with a jolly good reason.

When they make a mistake, we don’t even look at it as a mistake. Yes, we are disappointed and we express our concerns regarding the disappointment but abandoning the person is out of the question – not even a tiny thought amidst the millions running through our head.

However, we are the same people who are abandoned ever so easily for mistakes made once which cause irreparable damage to the bond shared by two people. We are the ones that are left alone to heal on our own and clean our wounds on our own and operate out the growing tumour within us, a tumour named ‘depression’.

I think I need to find the middle ground because everyone seems to be happier there. Do the people standing on those grounds look at me and think the same?

I wonder.


2 thoughts on “Black or White

  1. Only a choice few have been able to understand and hold the concept of the middle ground. Those were the people who were forced to do so because of circumstances – a huge storm uprooted them from their stance in the black or white region. I know of such a person. She regrets being in such a grey area. It’s frustrating. She’s being offered all the love from the people she cares but she can hardly make up for it. I, personally second you, believe that it’s better to be working in this binary mechanism, i.e, 0 or 1. No one gets to feel the raw brunt of the emotions better. Yes, rejection brings depression but after that it’s going to be a fresh new start again. And hey, It’s a cycle, someone who abandons someone is being abandoned by someone else. Karma, maybe?


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