​Occasional reminder: Life’s meant to be good

Life’s meant to be good. Try to view things simply and abstain from participating in any form of activity which toxifies your soul. And whatever or whoever you thought of while reading the last line, throw them/it out of the window and shut the window and don’t open it till it’s found another home.

Life’s meant to be good. Don’t think toxic things become beautiful in the longer run. The longer run is made of short runs of very fickle yet important choices. And toxicity is a fickle yet important choice.

Life’s meant to be good. Don’t be advised by people who do not know the difference between hopefully holding on and hopelessly holding on. They sound good when they talk but they don’t help. That’s the goddamn truth.

Life’s meant to be good. Eat the waffle. Gobble up the steak and down the whole pitcher. Don’t abstain from fun, frolic and adventure. There’s no point in waiting to have fun with the right people at the right time. Tumblr is right when it screams there’s no right person and no right time. There’s only the right moment and everyone making up that moment is right for that time. That’s how it works.

Life’s meant to be good. Don’t just go to places. Live there. Get lost and find yourself. Have your native food in the manner that the people in another town prepare it because it will be the same thing with a very different taste. Walk their paths, board their trains and fight for existing in other places. Spread your life out, it is not meant to be lived in a corner and don’t make a corner your world.

Life’s meant to be good. Overthink but overdrink after. Let no addiction take control of you but lose yourself to another world at times. Its okay. There’s no bad in consuming occasionally. Just do not allow it to consume you. Don’t reverse the seats in that equation. The console to control your life should never be gifted away to other hands.

Life’s meant to be good, and you have to love yourself. That is the mammoth task of this multifaceted life. Repeatedly. Love yourself. Tattoo it on your heart and play this decision in your head everytime opportunities land at your feet. A big opportunity might not be the best for you. Let it go if you don’t feel upto it. You aren’t answerable to anyone about how you create yourself and the paths you turn away from.

That’s what life should be – good. Not beyond your imagination or lower than your worst moments. Make it good. Achieve that balance. Sort and compartmentalize your battles. Fight them with utmost vigour. Rage on till your voice is heard and your truth is the only thing that remains to establish you.
You can, even if you think you cannot!

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