Our coffee mug broke last night

Our coffee mug broke last night.
It was standing tall like a talisman through the years
and it was not a good reminder.
Sometimes, I’d catch myself staring at that coffee mug
in my empty apartment. I wanted an empty apartment.
An empty apartment doesn’t commit and house other people.
But then again, I bought the apartment and I loved you.
Our coffee mug broke during one of those unchallenged stare offs.
It reminded me of the time you accidentally
dropped my respect to the ground
and as we both stared at the pieces,
you said you were going to look for a broom
but we both knew,
you were going to other room
to pack up and leave.
Our coffee mug broke last night and it hurt lesser to pick up the pieces. That time when you left, my hand bled for three years, whenever it met a new pair of hands.

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