10 things that you will learn when you’re 19

“Ambition comes hand in hand with tough choices and a few wrong decisions along the path. The trick is to keep walking even if you think that there’s bullet stuck to your left knee. Drag your feet. Crawl. Writhe in pain but keep moving. Don’t stop. Eventually, you’ll get there – wherever ‘there’ is.”

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The thought chart

Someone asked me, “Tell me what you think about” I realised that I have never thought about what I think about I have never thought about the kind of thoughts that clutter my head when, at the end of every day, I lay my body to rest But that is when the thoughts rush to […]

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:: sCaTTeReD ::

To tell you the truth there is no tenth point. Because everyone expects 10 to be the ultimate. I will gift 9 that position in this tell-tale article which has no rational compass. Maybe I am happy now as I would have been had things been different. But I am happy now because I have never felt so much at one with myself before. Never before.

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Open and shut

“I know.” And a hush fell over. Though we were sitting across the room and I was not looking at him straight in the eye, I could feel him standing up and slowly making his way towards the book shelf. I was cleaning the book shelf. He slipped his hand around my waist and lowered […]

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She could almost hear him smile every time he did. With the slightest quiver of his voice, her insides knew what he really meant to say. Most of the time, he kept quiet. It was as if a thousand thoughts flew within him like the little stream inside a dense forest. The stream whispered so […]

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Shadow Tales

There’s plenty of sunlight here With a tinge of love in every object That you’ve touched Welcome to my Utopia Lace curtains, open windows, A steaming cup of coffee in a gloomy afternoon, Another cup awaits your attention … Welcome to my little world of expectations Dressed up for an occasion I’m standing in front […]

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Let us sit and talk After thirty years of missing each other After thirty years of trying to forgo our love After thirty years of acting like it was a farce Are you ready? We nipped love off its new formed bud We both inflicted immense pain on each other We moved to different cities […]

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